TURN Music Box

Custom Tune Music Box, Making & Inspiration

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping via FedEx International Economy Service
– Delivery Time: estimated delivery within 5 business days

Shipping Rate: (for one movement)

– $45 USD (Zone A, B, C, D – Malaysia, Australia, Japan, India, etc.)
– $50 USD (Zone E – U.S., Canada, Mexico, etc.)
– $55 USD (Zone F – UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.)
– $65 USD (Zone G – Russia, U.A.E, Spain, Sweden, etc.)
– $75 USD (Zone H – South Africa, Brazil, Iceland, etc.)

For other countries, please check for the Zone at FedEx Zone Index

* Rates already included FedEx fuel surcharge, but do not include import duties and taxes that may be applicable.
* Two items can be combined in one shipment with +$20 additional cost.

If you need faster delivery via FedEx International Priority Service, please notify me.
– Delivery Time: estimated delivery within 3 business days
– Additional Cost:
+$10 for Zone A, B, C, D
+$15 for Zone E, F
+$20 for Zone G
+$35 for Zone H

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