TURN Music Box

Custom Tune Music Box, Making & Inspiration

How to Order

If you are interested to order a new item of my ready arranged tunes of 18-note music box movement, please email me the required information below. I will send you an invoice for payment.

Required Information:

1. The name of the tune
2. The type of mechanism (wind-up or hand-crank) – see example
3. The material of casting cylinder (brass or bronze)
4. The shipping information
•– Recipient name
•– Shipping address
•– Recipient phone number

Price & Payment:

1. Unit Price: for an 18 note gold finished movement (no box included)
– $220 USD

2. Production Time:
– 2-3 weeks (for the one I’ve already made – can be shipped within 1-2 days)

3. Shipping & Delivery:
– via FedEx International Economy Service (delivery time – 5 business days)
– The shipping cost depends on destination, check for the rate at Shipping & Delivery
– You can send me the destination country, city, and postal code to check for the rate.

4. Payment: via PayPal (one-time payment)
– The production will be started after payment received

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