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Custom Tune Music Box Movement Service

If you are looking for a service to change your own music box arrangement to be a real 18-note music box mechanism, this custom tune music box movement service could help your dream come true!

Guideline for Music Box Arrangement:

1. The arrangement should be made within 6 bars (for 3/4 time) to 8 bars (for 4/4 time) for playing in 12-20 seconds per turn.
2. The number of pitch (teeth) is limited in 18 notes (from G4 to F7) and the interval (between the lowest and the highest note) is about 2-2.5 octave.
3. The lowest pitch should not higher than C5.
4. The highest pitch should not lower than C7.
5. If a treble note needs to repeat playing within 1 second, a duplicate pitch is necessary to minimizing squeak.
6. The bass note need longer rest time. It’s better to try to give more space between the repeated notes instead of using duplicate pitch.
7. For sample, the first 8 bars of the ‘Marble Machine’, by Martin Molin http://wintergatan.net/Score/MarbleMachinePianoScore.pdf
The arrangement can be made by using only 18 pitches below.
C5, D5, E5, F#5, G5x2, A5, B5, D6, E6, F#6, G6, A6x2, B6, C7, D7, E7

Service Process:

1. You can email me a sheet music and an audio file of the theme you desired for review the possibility of comb tuning and making the pins layout. If it passed, you will get a sample mp3 file of your custom tune for approve.
– The sheet music should be arranged for music box by following the guideline.
– If you cannot make the arrangement yourself, you may hire a musician to do the job.
– The key of the custom tune may be shifted from your original arrangement to achieve the comb tuning.

2. If you approved the sample arrangement, please email me the required information below. I will send you an invoice for payment.

Required Information:

1. The type of mechanism (wind-up or hand-crank)
2. The material of casting cylinder (brass or bronze)
3. The shipping information
–• Recipient name
–• Shipping address
–• Recipient phone number

Price & Payment:

1. Arranging Fee: one-time fee for a custom tune cylinder design
– $30 USD

2. Unit Price: for a gold finished movement
– $195 USD

3. Production Time: 4 weeks
– Get $10 refund per delayed week if an order cannot be shipped on time

4. Shipping & Delivery: via FedEx International Economy Service
– Estimated delivery within 5 business days
– The shipping cost depends on destination, check for the rate at Shipping & Delivery

5. Payment: via PayPal (one-time payment)
– The production will be started after payment received.

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