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Custom Tune Music Box Movement Service

If you are looking for a service to change your own musical arrangement to be a real 18-note music box mechanism, this custom tune movement service could be help.

Movement information:
1. Main Mechanism: 18-note Sankyo gold finished movement
2. Cylinder (drum): brass/bronze (click to see sample)
3. Comb (vibration plate): in-house high precision tuning
4. Playing Time: approximately 12-18 seconds (per turn)
5. Movement (mechanism): wind-up/hand-crank (click to see sample)
6. Movement Size (mm):
— wind-up : 50.3 L x 43.8 W x 21.6 H
— hand-crank : 44.5 L x 34.5 W x 22.3 H

Prices & Payment:
1. Tune Arrangement Fee:
— $45 USD (one-time fee)
2. Unit Price:
— $175 USD for a gold finished custom tune movement (no box included)
3. Shipping Cost:
— $30 USD (Worldwide) via Registered Air Parcel, multiple items can be combined
4. Payment: One-time payment (In Full) via PayPal

Service Process:
1. Pre-Production (musical arrangement): 1-2 weeks
You can send me your own musical score (sheet music) and a file audio version (mp3, midi, etc) for review the possibility of making. If it passed, you will get a sample mp3 file of your custom tune for approve.
2. Payment: within 2 weeks
If you approved the sample, I will send you an invoice for one-time payment.
3. Production Time: 4-8 weeks
Usually it will take about 3-4 weeks for the whole process.
4. Preparing for Shipment: 1-2 business days
When your custom tune movement has already been completed, you will receive a notification email to confirm the shipping address again.
5. Shipping & Delivery: Worldwide via Registered Air Parcel (tracking is included)
It will take about 5-15 business days for delivery (depends on destination and season)

Guideline for arrangement:
1. The arrangement can be made within 6 bars (for 3/4 time) to 8 bars (for 4/4 time).
2. The number of pitch (teeth) is limited in 18 notes (possible range from G4 to F7).
3. If a note needs to repeat playing within 1 second (about a half of a bar), a duplicate pitch is necessary to minimizing squeak and clunk noise. In this case, the overall number of different pitches will be decreased.
4. In practical, the key of the tune may be shifted from the original arrangement to achieve the tuning.
5. Please note that NOT all of the songs can be made, the arrangement needs to be verified before production starts.

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