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If you are interested to buy any of my ready arranged 18-note music box movement, here is some information.

Movement information:
1. Main Mechanism: 18-note Sankyo gold finished movement
2. Cylinder (drum): brass/bronze (click to see sample)
3. Comb (vibration plate): in-house high precision tuning
4. Playing Time: approximately 12-18 seconds (per turn)
5. Movement (mechanism): wind-up/hand-crank (click to see sample)
6. Movement Size (mm):
— wind-up : 50.3 L x 43.8 W x 21.6 H
— hand-crank : 44.5 L x 34.5 W x 22.3 H

Prices & Payment:
1. Unit Price:
— $175 USD for a gold finished custom tune movement (no box included)
2. Shipping Cost: $30 USD Worldwide via Registered Air Parcel (tracking is included)
— Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days on payment received
3. Placing Order: Just let me know the tune and type of the movement you prefer, also the shipping address. I will send you an invoice for payment
4. Payment: One-time payment (In Full) via PayPal
5. Production Time (if needed – for new item): 4-8 weeks
6. Delivery: It will take about 5-15 business days for delivery (depends on destination and season)

* If you have your own arrangement and would like to make your custom tune music box movement like this, my custom tune music box movement service is now available!

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