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In Dreams (3D Printed)

By requested, I’ve already made the 3D printed disc music box of the 3 popular theme songs from “The Lord of the Rings” (LOTR) to play with the Fisher Price record player.

This is the first song I’d like to publish. It’s quite a little bit difference from the previous version (hand cranked movement). Because I have more space, so I decided to add a short intro into the end.

For the question, about the details of the disc. All discs were made in single side. Yes, I’ve already tried to make it in double side like the original disc of the Fisher Price’s, but the result is not so good. There was a limited in 3D printing technique to avoid using of support part in another side and I think it’s not necessary to make 2 songs in 1 disc.

I’ve redesigned the thickness of the printed disc also. The original thickness is 5 mm for double side disc. The new design was split into 2 discs, one for the tune disc (3 mm) on the top and another one for the support disc (2 mm) on the bottom. The support disc can be reused for other tunes. So, we can reduce 40% of material and save more time for printing them.

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