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Vincent (3D Printed)

A Tribute to “Vincent Van Gogh” who painted the wonderful picture, “Starry Night” and “Don Mclean” who written this beautiful song, “Vincent”.

Few months ago, I’ve read an article about making a musical record for playing with the 1971’s Fisher Price record player by using 3D printing technology by Fred Murphy (Fred27). Not waiting too long. I’ve got the “Up Plus 2”, a home use 3D printer from a PP3DP’s agent shop in Bangkok and started to make a musical disc by developed from Fred27’s source code. Thanks Fred 🙂

After trial & error using of 1 kg filament (an ABS plastic material for 3D printing). I’ve found that the UP Plus 2 has some limitation. It’s called solid wall thickness. It caused the printer cannot print the solid wall thinner than 1.2-1.5 mm. But the thickness of the track of the original record is only 0.75 mm!! So, it needs to redesign the structure of the musical record to make it possible.

Actually, the musical record that shown in the article was made by Shapeways, the 3D printing service company which using high-end 3D printer. It means the musical record was made by the SLA technique which quite complicated than FDM technique that using in the home use 3D printer.

Another problem came with the 1971’s Fisher Price record player. The sound’s volume was set too loud till generated the squeak sound (yes, it was designed for children!). In this case, to get better sound quality, we need to recalibrate the movement. But the mechanical movement was installing in the tone arm and it’s nearly impossible to take it off for tuning.

Anyway, I finally made it. So, let’s take a look what the 43 years record player can do with the 43 years song.

* If you looking for the Fisher Price record player, you will easy found them on eBay. But beware for the new remake product, its look like the same but uses memory chip to generate the sound. So, it cannot play any of the original record. (Noticed for 3AA batteries required and has no pin in the track of the musical record)

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